As adults, we’ve all been through completely unpredictable events of first dates. Most of them might typically involve a movie house or a fancy restaurant but, we don’t have to stick to those clichés, right? Dating is one of the best experiences we can actually enjoy going through during our pre-adult to post-adult phase. The feeling of getting to know someone by sharing a common ground seems to be an amazing memory we can always cherish. Which is why we should try to make it as fun as possible.

Crazy Rides at Theme Parks

Bring out the crazy fun in you by going to a theme park with your date. You can get into a roller coaster and welcome a splash of water by the end of the ride. In this kind of date, you can take a thrilling start on your dating journey.

Hit a Note in a Karaoke Bar

Show off your beautiful voice, or the lack of it. It doesn’t matter if you can sing or not. Try to be in the game of vocal humiliation because it usually ticks off the rest of the possible embarrassing situations you two might encounter in the future.

Trekking or Hiking

If the two of you usually enjoy the great outdoors, you can try establishing your relationship in this kind of date. It’s both a challenge and a mutual interest.

LIVE Music of Your Choice

You can go to a concert or a bar with a LIVE band. If both of you just want a chill night, try scheduling your first date listening to your favorite genre.

Comedy Night

If in case you want to start off with a good laugh, look for a comedy bar and enjoy a night full of obnoxious laughter and drinks on the side.

Picnic under the Stars

Make the picnic date perfect with fresh air and wine. You can talk for hours under the sea of stars and never care about the rest of the world. You can listen to each other’s voices and listen to your own thoughts.

Scenic Stroll

Go somewhere visually enticing. Enjoy each other’s company with a good view. Take a stroll to embrace the beauty of the scene in front of you, and the one walking beside you.


Going to dinner is a classic move. However, you can turn your first date into a fun meal at breakfast. If you both enjoy the combination of toast, bacon, and eggs, go for it! Plus, you can enjoy the rest of the day doing whatever else comes to mind.