I have been trying online dating to meet someone ever since my divorce two years. I was getting absolutely nowhere. No matter how many dating sites I signed up for I just couldn’t seem to meet anyone that I wanted to go out with more than once. I was about ready to give up on dating because I was so frustrating. That’s why my best friend suggested I work with a dating coach. I thought it was a ridiculous suggestion. But after another month of bad dates, I figured it couldn’t hurt and I started seeing a dating coach.

One of the first things the dating coach did was ask me to trust her and let her pick out three different men for me to date, no questions asked. The idea was that she would be able to pick objectively and so she would be able to make smarter choices than I was making. I was a little nervous, but I agreed.

Smart or Funny

The first date was a dud. The guy she picked me for I would never have picked on my own. He wasn’t very attractive so I knew right away there was smart or funny. I hoped he was at least smart or funny so we could still have a fun evening. But he wasn’t particularly smart or funny either. Thankfully I was able to get out of that date early by claiming I had to go home early. So my teenage babysitter could get to bed because it was a school night.

But the second date was a huge success. In fact, we’re still dating. The dating coach and I sat down and talked after the first date and I told her in more detail what I was looking for. She sorted through all the messages I had received and she answered a few that I had dismissed because I didn’t like their photos or didn’t think they seemed clever enough for me. She set up a date with one of them and told me that sometimes people don’t come across well on the screen but are better in person and to go into the date with an open mind.

Second Date Before We Ended The First One

Well, he was much better looking in person and he was a lot funnier than he seemed online too. He told me over dinner that he had a friend create his profile for him since he wasn’t really someone that liked to be online. The date was wonderful and we had plans for a second date before we ended the first one. We’ve been dating ever since and I couldn’t be happier. So if you have been considering investing in a few sessions with a dating coach because you are having trouble finding decent people to date on dating sites you should definitely try working with a dating coach. It turned my dating life around totally. If I hadn’t started working with a dating coach I’d still be going on bad dates. Wondering why I couldn’t meet anyone.

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