These days everyone sends messages on social media. Those messages might be professional, they might be to a love interest, or they might be trying to get help from a company when something gets messed up. But it’s when you are sending messages to your crush or someone that you have just started dating where your online message etiquette really matters. Since the other person has no way to gauge your tone or tell your intention it’s really important to make sure that you are using these etiquette tips when you are sending messages to someone you like or someone that you just started dating:

Turn Read Receipts Off

If you are texting with a crush or someone that you are dating turn the read receipts off on your phone. There’s nothing more embarrassing than not answering your crush right away because you’re busy and having them know that you saw their message and just didn’t respond right away. Promising relationships have ended over reading receipts. Don’t take the chance. Make sure that your read receipts are off.

Don’t Message Too Often

You might be tempted to send your crush a message whenever you think of something that you want to say to them or whenever you see something that is relevant to an inside joke. But control the impulse to send them a message every time you pick up your phone. Turn your phone off and put it away if you need to. Sending a couple of messages is fine but then wait until they respond to send more. It can seem overeager to send a slew of messages all in one day. Let the conversation flow naturally. If you have to you can always write down on a piece of paper whatever you wanted to tell them so you can send them a message about it later on.

Don’t Mention That You Saw Them Online

If your crush doesn’t respond to you right away when you send a message but you can see that they are online don’t send them a message asking why they didn’t respond. Play it cool. Maybe they are talking to friends or family, maybe they are working, there could be many reasons why they don’t have time to message you right away. Be patient and wait. If they haven’t responded to you after a day or two then you can send them another message just to check in. But give them some time. Not everyone is online all the time.

Play Off Your Mistakes

Mistakes happen when you are messaging with someone, especially if you are messaging them frequently. If you send a heart by accident on Instagram, or send the wrong emoji on Twitter, or send the wrong .gif in the text don’t be embarrassed. It happens to everyone. Try to play it off as a joke and apologize. Chances are good that your crush will find it funny. And if you acknowledge it then you can both move on.